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What excites us

From complex patient pathways to fee-for-service models, the world’s third largest industry is crumbling beneath its own weight. There is a shift emerging built on novel business models introducing value-based-care (VBC) and personalized medicine to align again the patient, providers and payers for a better and healthier society.

We dream of a world where people “want” not “need” to check their health. All the way from R&D and data intelligence to health infrastructure and patient engagement, new solutions would arise that will improve outcomes for people without compromise on experience or affordability. This is the decade of healthcare!

Where we focus

Healthcare industry is complex, slow, expensive and resistant to change, building pressure on providers, payers and professionals - the pillars of a well-functioning system. The bill for this is then paid by the whole of society. In present days, there are 7 working-age people for every citizen aged 65 or above, a ratio expected to shrink to 4.4 by 2040. A healthier, more engaged population above a threshold age will contribute broadly around the world.

For a long time we have been living in a system that focuses on treating conditions instead of preventing them. The decade ahead will reveal new methods for boosting longevity and increasing everyday performance that were never experienced before.
Infrastructure for HealthcareTechnological solutions critical for providers and payers to deliver value-based financial or medical care services to the population.
Intelligence for HealthcareDigital solutions for prevention/early diagnostics that generate, synthesize or systemize proprietary patient data for improved health outcomes.

Our Network

Hewlett Packard

Our healthcare team

We are a small, but a close-knit and diverse team of professionals and entrepreneurs.
Valeri Petrov
Viktor Minchev
Investment Associate

Our Fintech Corporate Innovation Program

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Visa and Eleven are teaming up to nourish the development and unlock the potential of fintech startup talent in transforming the way how we pay and get paid.

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