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Mixing big dreamers and smart corporates

To attack new markets together.

We are a corporate innovation and venture development studio. We build and scale new businesses, products, and services with the world’s leading corporations and entrepreneurs. We are the corporate’s shortcut to meaningful innovation outcomes.

What we do

We help you make innovation manageable by:

Spotting trends
Spotting trends
Broaden your horizons and get a new understanding of the future of your industry
Choose your innovation territory
Choose your innovation territory

Shape your vision of where to play, what you can achieve and how brave you can be.

Open Innovation
Open Innovation

Acquire the mindset to extend your R&D capabilities through working together with the startups.

Create and execute experiments
Create and execute experiments

Master the tools to execute like a lean startup and de-risk your innovation outcome.

Shape your innovation strategy
Shape your innovation strategy

Follow a proven process to create your innovation strategy blueprint.

Build MVPs
Build MVPs

Get the ultimate toolbelt to validate your solutions and emerging products

Develop innovation capabilities

Grow your key people and leaders to think and act like entrepreneurs.

Who we are

We care about making an impact. We are practitioners. We believe in collaboration, transparency, and substance over form. We are open-minded and optimistic.

We work the startup way – efficient, result-oriented and looking for simple solutions to complex problems.

Innovation days

Sometimes innovation needs some inspiration. Two days away in a mixed group to jam on a challenge. And see what happens.
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SOinventure Innovation Jam

The health hackathon for the internal corporate innovation track of the SOinevnture Healthtech Program.
A partnership between Eleven Ventures and Sopharma Trading –

Case Studies

Our past and currently running corporate innovation programs
Visa Innovation Program
Create the future of payments
SOinventure Program
Healthy and fulfilling life by driving evolution in healthcare

Our community about us

Investors, mentors, partners and beyond.

Testimonials_Slide07_Konstantin Christoff

Our partnership with Eleven is resembling more of a life partner relationship: leading and inspiring by example, advising out of own experience rather than theories, supporting financially, opening a wealth of contacts, investors, clients and ecosystem platforms, channelling valuable and relevant knowledge our way. They have the experience to evaluate the early risk, share the same mindset of the entrepreneurs they team up with and know personally the struggle of starting something from 0 and making it a successful reality.

Konstantin Christoff
CEO & Co-founder of Sensika

Testimonials_Slide03_Sevdalina Vassileva

It’s Visa’s ongoing commitment to empower daring entrepreneurs around the globe and expand the cooperation with innovative companies, helping them advance and grow faster while continuing to deliver value to communities worldwide. The partnership with Eleven allows us to deliver our promise to enable individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. With the Visa Innovation Program we are able to leverage the capabilities of fintechs to deliver innovative solutions and continue to shape the future of payments and commerce.

Sevdalina Vassileva
General Manager Visa SEE, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus

Testimonials_Slide06_Mihail Stoychev

Dynamic thinking, networking abilities and willingness to get involved are among the top 3 traits that make a great VC. I believe Eleven has all of them. They were like a superstar coach which you can use whenever necessary: making sure you are always on track and improving without being overwhelming.

Mihail Stoychev
CEO & Co-founder of SMSBump

Testimonials_Slide05_Dimitar Dimitrov

Sopharma Trading, thanks to the partnership with Eleven, launched an external and internal accelerator program – SOinventure - aiming to shift the healthcare focus from treating illness to sustaining wellness where the patient is in the center of all we do. The collaboration with Eleven enriched our capabilities so that Sopharma Trading could leverage upon future digital partnerships and launch successful patient-centric digital services. Together we have set the ground for establishing new business models that will develop seamless digital healthcare experiences and will add immense long-term value to the patients.

Dimitar Dimitrov
ex-CEO of Sopharma Trading

Testimonials_Slide04_Bozhidar Bozhanov

Eleven has been a great investor, striking the right balance of involvement – not too hands on, not too detached, and always looking for ways to help. As a seasoned investor with a diverse portfolio and a respected team, Eleven brings trust to the equation - a startup is not “just a startup” if it’s backed by a significant investor, and many customers acknowledge that. Since we raised our round we have talked to multiple startups and directed them to seek support from Eleven, based on our positive experience.

Bozhidar Bozhanov
Founder & CEO of LogSentinel

We are proud to have already successfully worked with

Hewlett Packard

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