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Our investment in Nestor

December 7, 2022

Bogdan Apostol and Raluca Apostol, founders of Nestor. 


Published by Vassil Terziev, Roberta Tihomirova and Nikola Yanev.

The two founders of Nestor, Bogdan (co-founder and CEO) and Raluca (co-founder and CPO), met 15 years ago when they were students at the same university and later on joined forces on different scientific research projects during their PhDs in Computer Science and Machine Learning. This is when they discovered that they have strong complementary skills enabling them to build an amazing team together. 

The story continues with both of them taking on management roles for different teams but sharing similar responsibilities. These involved bringing and retaining the right people with the right skills within the team, making customers happy while delivering on projects with high performance, and contributing to the business goals of the company. And most of the time, they were finding themselves spending hours listening to their employees and learning about their unique skills, then talking to HR so that they could identify growth opportunities, and then bringing the right development opportunities back to their employees. 

Bogdan and Raluca felt they shared the same problem. And this is how the idea of building Nestor was born.

Nestor brings together the most important talent operations

with a skills-based approach. It helps organizations make an impact on each employee’s development and enables HR leaders to build agile people strategies that move beyond the traditional job approach by placing skills at the front and center of their talent operations.

Over the past years, the transition to hybrid work environments

coupled with ongoing phenomena such as the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, have forced organizations to rethink their workforce development strategies. The rigid structure of jobs inside the organizations and pushing training for employees from top down, do not work in this new dynamic. Furthermore, this has a negative impact on employees, leaving the individual with the feeling that they have no say over the work they do. Tomorrow’s workforce development is agile, business-focused, and democratized to give people far more ownership, opportunity, and equity. Employers are realizing now more than ever that in a period with historic levels of job openings, employee experience is what will drive the retention of top talent to maintain a competitive edge. 

One of the biggest unending challenges for HR professionals

 is the lack of visibility over skills, progression, career mobility, and other non-linear and non-quantifiable investments in people. Since their inception, legacy ERP/HCM systems have served the function of tracking and managing business units, which can directly be tied to the bottom-line impact. However, their biggest flaw is their inability to track non-linear assets (i.e. skills mapping, team OKRs, job architecture, mentoring, engagement). HR managers are actively looking for solutions which identify, direct, measure, and forecast the upskilling/reskilling pathways for mid-enterprise sized workforces to maintain competitiveness on the market. This leaves an enormous gap for an employee-facing people intelligence softwares like Nestor to enter the scene and disrupt the way strategic workforce planning and transformation is done – while still being fully able to integrate with the irreplaceable back-office architecture of these traditional ERP/HCM systems.

Nestor is a people intelligence platform

enabling organizations to assess the available skills within the workforce, match them intelligently to opportunities, and help employees build the skills that will help them in their chosen career path. With Nestor, each employee is empowered to take ownership of their own development, access new growth opportunities, get involved in cross-functional initiatives, and learn new future-fit skills. Nestor is now trusted by HR professionals in mid-to-large enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, across Europe, North America and Latin America. The founders envision a world where every employee receives the right opportunity at the right time to continually learn and improve the skills that will help them succeed.

Ready to transform the way you develop and retain talent? Head to Nestor’s website and get a demo –

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