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The Swiss Army knife for our founders

Platform - a compact, multifaceted toolkit to aid your complex journey of growth and success.

Eleven Platform is the support system we have built for our founders – a powerful combination of resources, domain expertise, network, and hands-on activities, all blended into an individual game plan for our companies.


companies have been funded by Eleven and its partners since 2012.


in co-investments have been raised by our companies.
Get Up to Speed

Get up to speed

In physics, escape velocity - approximately 11.2 km/s - is the minimum speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of the Earth.


investor who acts fast, coaches companies how to fly further and faster, supports founders through their lows, but never spares the truth.

Building together

to find your PMF, create the fundamentals of your company and get ready for the next funding rounds. We expand your resource pool to solve your challenges faster and more effectively.

Privately funded

by more than 80 successful tech entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe and beyond, bringing wide untapped networks, follow-on funding and deep industry know-how.

Initial and follow-on funding

We invest from EUR 250K to EUR 1M initially, up to EUR 2.5M per company, including follow-ons. We have a wide investor network, both of individuals and partnering VC’s.

What we do best

Hands-on collaboration is ingrained in our DNA. By working closely with founders, we gain a deep understanding of their pain points, challenges, and aspirations, allowing us to provide tailored assistance.
Strategic and Operational Support

Company Building and Product-Market Fit

Craft your value proposition, find your ideal customer profile, and set meaningful Northstar metrics. Together, we create the right structure, finance, and operations functions for scaling.
Mini case studies:

Organizational Design

Navigate the complex landscape of talent and leadership. From identifying key roles and defining organizational structures and processes to building scalable teams, and executive coaching.
Mini case studies:
Active network

Sales and Marketing

Our marketing team assists with strategy, brand identity, content creation, and media partnerships. When selling, we support business development, corporate sales, and structure PoCs for new corporate opportunities.
Mini case studies:


We support you in the next funding rounds. Together we prepare your fundraising materials, refine pitch decks, and connect with prospective venture capitalists who align with your vision and goals.
Mini case studies:
Resources & Perks

The Platform Process

Our post-investment support process.

The Elements of Platform

Spotting trends

A dedicated network of 200+ mentors, supporters, EIRsOur EIRs (Entrepreneurs In Residence) are seasoned entrepreneurs and executives who provide short-term operational assistance to existing portfolio companies on a project basis. They assist portfolio companies in pre-set “office hours” with knowledge, and industry expertise, and open up their networks., and venture partners with expertise in various fields, geographies, and focus verticals. The #Oneof11 family has more than 200 founders ready to share their knowledge.

Choose your innovation territory
Founders Weekend retreat, On-demand community and 1:1 workshops, CxO talksDuring our CxO calls, we gather the C-level executives from the Sales, Finance, and Tech teams of our portfolio companies to encourage more peer-to-peer knowledge exchange of best practices. for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, Community meetups, Webinars.
Create and execute experiments
Resource hub

Practical resources developed or recommended by our team and the #Oneof11 community – playbooks, step-by-step guides, books, articles, case studies, presentations, and event recordings.

Shape your innovation strategy

Over 50 trusted expertise-as-a-service providers, industry leaders, and potential partners. In addition, a hub with 120+ discounts for software tools, programs, and services.

Our community

The Founders Weekend is a unique retreat specifically designed for our founders. It’s an arena for learning and sharing, a place where lasting bonds are formed and nourished.
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The Platform Orchestrators

We are a small, but a close-knit and diverse team of professionals and entrepreneurs.
Rene Tomova
Head of Platform
Elena Ivanova
Platform Associate

Our community about us

Investors, mentors, partners and beyond.

Testimonials_Slide09_Jack Thorogood

The Eleven Platform has been an invaluable combination of support and services that has helped us find quicker, better answers to the issues that crop up regularly as we are building the business. Without a doubt, we have saved a huge amount of time – and avoided a number of pitfalls! – due to the assistance and guidance we’ve taken advantage of via the Eleven Platform.

Jack Thorogood
Founder and CEO of Native Teams

Testimonials_Slide08_Dimitris Sereleas

Eleven has been an invaluable partner on our startup journey. Their strategic guidance and practical advice have helped us navigate the challenges of scaling our business, and their expertise in product-market fit and organizational design has been instrumental in helping us build a strong foundation for growth

Dimitris Sereleas
Founder of MyTeam

Testimonials_Slide07_Konstantin Christoff

Our partnership with Eleven is resembling more of a life partner relationship: leading and inspiring by example, advising out of own experience rather than theories, supporting financially, opening a wealth of contacts, investors, clients and ecosystem platforms, channelling valuable and relevant knowledge our way. They have the experience to evaluate the early risk, share the same mindset of the entrepreneurs they team up with and know personally the struggle of starting something from 0 and making it a successful reality.

Konstantin Christoff
CEO & Co-founder of Sensika

Testimonials_Slide06_Mihail Stoychev

Dynamic thinking, networking abilities and willingness to get involved are among the top 3 traits that make a great VC. I believe Eleven has all of them. They were like a superstar coach which you can use whenever necessary: making sure you are always on track and improving without being overwhelming.

Mihail Stoychev
CEO & Co-founder of SMSBump

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True Insights

True Insights, struggled to set its fundamentals and get ready to go to market with a clear vision of its ideal customer persona and main product offering. We helped them pinpoint their problem-solution fit, which is the first step to PMF, helped them run several sales related experiments to discover their Ideal Customer Persona and now see their first sales results four months later.


We started supporting MyTeam at a very early stage of their company development - from setting up the right legal and governance structure to shaping their vision on becoming a comprehensive platform for sports clubs management, leveraging the fintech layer and building an ecosystem that can create additional revenue streams and stickiness with their customers. They have increased their sales team, grown their customer base with double digits and see no churn in the span of less than 6 months.

Native Teams

Native Teams encountered a problem many early-stage startups building a product with high demand often do - their growth was faster than their ability to scale their team. We supported them in hiring key positions such as COO and CFO and helped them find the right balance between the roles in the founding team. Moreover, the work we did with them on their strategy and our help in building their fintech layer created a more robust company that is being courted by high profile VCs as they are preparing their Series A round.


In order to help Flaminjoy optimize its sales processes and decrease the sales cycles, we conducted weekly Sales Board Meetings with the founding and sales teams. As a result, the team was able to improve its sales funnel, generate new ideas, and come up with a structured sales approach. This led to 2x increase in their MRR, decrease in their burn rate and pass break-even.


With our help, PlanDelta raised a €2.3M round led by the international early-stage VC RTP Global, which has backed companies such as SumUp and Delivery Hero. The team had multiple strategy meetings with us and we supported them in the identification of their ideal next investor, as well as multiple intros to other VCs.