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Sustainable food

What excites us

In 2050, the world's population will surpass 9.7 billion, intensifying the challenges in food production. We are already witnessing the initial adverse effects of climate change. Food production is responsible for approximately one-third of greenhouse gas emissions.

We envision a future where the agri-food systems are revolutionized through impactful solutions, ensuring a better world for future generations. By backing purpose-driven visionary founders, we aim to ignite behavioral change and create a food system that embodies sustainability, promoting health, transparency, and a harmonious co-existence with the environment.

Where we focus

We want to confront the environmental impact of the food system, but the challenge lies in ensuring food security for all at the same time.

We are here to support early-stage companies in the food, agriculture, and sustainability sectors, empowering them to achieve economically viable and scalable solutions that optimize the entire value chain from farm to table. In particular we are interested in:
Zero WasteProducts and services that prevent, reuse or recycle food waste and food packaging.
Farm-to-ForkSolutions that transform the supply chain, including agricultural practices, production, traceability and consumer applications.
Functional Food IndustrializationAlternative products and solutions that address food industry challenges and improve consumer health.

Our Network

Hewlett Packard

Our sustainable food team

We are a small, but a close-knit and diverse team of professionals and entrepreneurs.
Ivaylo Simov
Managing Partner
Belizar Marinov
Investment Associate

Our Fintech Corporate Innovation Program

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Visa and Eleven are teaming up to nourish the development and unlock the potential of fintech startup talent in transforming the way how we pay and get paid.

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