Eljoy is а Bulgarian company aiming to develop the ultimate commuting and recreational machine. Being on the quest to revolutionize urban travel, they аre transforming the traditional bicycle ride into a next-generation urban ride. The result is a winning combination of superior performance and outstanding design. Eljoy’s electric bicycles present you with the urban freedom of going anywhere you want to be in a quicker, better, greener and more enjoyable way that is better for yourself, the society and the environment. 

Galin Bonev, Founder of Eljoy shares with us how the partnership with Eleven will support the companies’ growth: “ We will use the investment primarily to increase our production capacity, technological advancement of the product and expansion to new markets.”

Ivaylo Simov also shares his perspective on the investment: “We are very happy to be investing in Eljoy alongside people we trust and we have had successful projects with them before. Perhaps even more importantly Bulgaria is among the biggest players in Europe in bicycle manufacturing and hence has a strong competitive advantage in this industry. Furthermore, Eljoy has an excellent product, as evidenced by its growing sales, in the fastest growing segment of the market – electric bikes. An interesting aspect of this investment is that a big part of the food delivery business in Western Europe is serviced through electric bikes, a segment in which Eljoy has an excellent value proposition.”

To learn more about Eljoy visit their website – https://www.eljoybikes.com/en