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Crossing the chasm: The journey from PMF to GTM

A distilled guide to help early-stage founders scale operations and cross the chasm from product-market fit to go-to-market fit.
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Embedding fintech into sports? Mission possible.

As the lines between technology and finance continue to blur, we believe that the future of fintech is deeply woven into the fabric of every startup. MyTeam, originally
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Stand out or blend in: Founders’ guide to positioning and messaging

Understanding how to effectively position and message your product or service can be the difference between blending in and standing out. Here's a distilled guide to help early-stage
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Our investment in Cognitiwe

The grand vision for Cognitiwe revolves around redefining the retail landscape, ensuring customers never face the disappointment of encountering "out of stock" products, be it online or strolling
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Apply to the second edition of Eleven Alpha – your path to product-market fit

We are excited to build the future together and we want to be your earliest partner in crime. This is why we launch the second edition of Eleven
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The future of food is sustainable food. Our investment thesis.

We are truly excited about food and our common, greener future. This is why we are here to support early-stage companies in the food, agriculture, and sustainability sectors,
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