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Fueling growth – the impact of the Eleven Alpha program

Over the past months, a group of “builders” embarked on a transformative journey within the Eleven Alpha program and their progress is worth highlighting. In this article, we will delve into their experiences, exploring the key milestones, lessons learned, and the overall impact of Eleven Alpha on their growth.
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Welcoming our new Venture Partner – Stoil Vasilev

The #Oneof11 family keeps growing and we are thrilled to welcome Stoil Vasilev as a Venture Partner. His arrival brings an abundance of experience and expertise from the financial services industry, further strengthening our ability to provide exceptional support and guidance to our portfolio companies. Let's give him a warm welcome!
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Our investment in Cupffee

The environmental impact of our coffee-drinking habits is leaving a bitter aftertaste. A staggering 16 billion plastic cups are consumed each year, contributing to colossal mountains of waste that burden our planet. Cupffee is an innovative solution to the disposable cup dilemma that not only addresses environmental concerns but also elevates the overall consumer experience to new heights. It aligns our love for coffee with our commitment to sustainability, allowing us to savor each sip guilt-free.
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Meet Svetozar Georgiev – our new Partner driving the Future of Work

With great pride and excitement, we announce that Svetozar Georgiev is taking on the role of Partner at Eleven Ventures. With his proven track record of building successful businesses and driving innovation, we are confident that he will be a significant contributor to guiding Eleven forward and expanding our Future of Work vertical with a strong emphasis on AI.
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Eleven’s next chapter: Helping startups succeed in the age of AI

At Eleven, we recognize the potential of AI and its impact on our industry and society as a whole. And we are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible support for our founders. That's why we're thrilled to announce our focus on AI-powered growth and the appointment of Petar Petrov as our Chief AI Officer.
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Our investment in Pluria

With hybrid work accelerating at a rapid pace, employers fail to offer workplace flexibility to their own talent, especially when that talent is distributed across multiple geographies. This is where Pluria comes in - the remote & hybrid work solution that helps companies to simplify and cost-efficiently recruit teams and develop businesses beyond borders, without the necessity of having a fixed office space.
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