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Weathering the storm – the advice we give to our founders

We felt it would be valuable to bring our community together, give our two cents and build upon what has already been said on the topic of navigating through turbulent times. Learn our advice and what it means for you and the road ahead as a founder.
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How to spot the best VC fund for your startup?

Curious to learn what's common between running shoes and VC funds? Daniel Tomov, Founding Partner at Eleven, shares insightful tips & tricks on the art of finding the best VC fund for your early-stage startup.
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What do we look for when investing in a startup?

What do investors look for when investing in a startup? The quick answer is that each VC has its own approach. We thought we would make it a bit easier for founders by sharing our approach.
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Our investment in Flow

Remember how unthinkable the concept of self-driving cars sounded? But now that developments have moved on, it's not a crazy thought any more. The founders of Flow wanted to do just that but for money. They call it self-driving money. This is Flow - all money matters on autopilot.
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Our investment in Rush

Focusing on the post-purchase experience is the next frontier for online retailers. This is where Rush steps in. It leverages the power of shipment notifications to boost the customer lifetime value, generate more revenue for the merchants, drive repeat sales, and increase retention.
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Our investment in Woli

Once 18 years old, teenagers are expected to manage their finances and money responsibilities as they enter adult life. Yet, until that point, they are given very little training and tools to fully comprehend the benefits and pitfalls of money management and banking products. This is where Woli comes along.
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