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8 Companies joining the #OneOf11 family

November 27, 2018

From left to right – Boyko Karadzhov and Hristo Borisov, Co-founders of Payhawk. To the right – Pavel Kolev, Co-founder of Rebellious Software.


The past several months have been hectic at Eleven. There are two matters which we are particularly excited about. First one is the new partnership we have recently launched with Visa Рit opens new doors to fintech startups to work with banks, consumers and merchants. You can read more about it here.

The second one is that we are happy to announce the first investments of our second fund. We met, more than 200 startups in the past several months and we are very thrilled with their quality and traction. Choosing the ones to invest in was not an easy task. We passed on a few great teams and projects that were priced higher than our expectations or needed more market validation. 

Today we announce the 8 new companies, which we chose to join the #OneOf11 family.

They are bold, disruptive, hungry for knowledge and eager to prove themselves.

BeeSmart Technologies

Industry: AgriTech
Business Model: IoT (hardware + software subscription)

Description: Bee Smart Technologies is an IoT company that digitises the beekeeping.
Their mission is to empower beekeepers to understand their bees better by embracing the advantages of modern data aggregation technologies. The company helps beekeepers keep healthier bees, optimize their operations and cut their losses in a sustainable and scalable manner. The Bee Smart remote sensor stations and analytics equip beekeepers with the most effective tool of all ‚Äď live information.


Industry: InsurTech
Business Model: E-commerce

Description: Colibra is a new type of insurance company that aims to democratise & decentralise the Insurance industry. They are building a crowdsourced platform on the blockchain for handling insurance claims in a way that eliminates conflict of interest between insurer & client. Starting with travel insurance, Colibra wants to restore trust in the industry by making it fair, transparent and user-friendly.

Industry: Online Retail
Business Model: E-commerce

Description: is an online grocery shop, which is delivering groceries to over 12,000 households in Sofia city. The online shop offers over 11,000 products and great new promotions every week. The company currently makes more than 250 next day deliveries in Sofia and aims to grab a significant share of the household purchases of today’s busy families.


Industry: Enterprise Software Solutions
Business Model: SaaS

Description: Gtmhub is the world’s most intuitive OKRs management and employee experience platform. Its software helps companies align strategy and execution using the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) method. What makes Gtmhub special is its ability to connect to over 100 data sources and automate key results tracking in real-time.


Industry: FashionTech
Business Model: SaaS

Description: Havelock helps production managers from the Fashion and Apparel (F&A) industry to manage proactively the production of the styles and deliver the garments on time. Unlike the generic project management solutions, Havelock is tailored to the needs of the F&A industry and provides industry know-how about prioritization principles and out of the box templates for organisation of the workflows. The product is already in use at IPL Bulgaria and several other companies. The new version will be officially launched in the early spring of 2019.


Industry: Developer Tools
Business Model: SaaS

Description: NitroPack boosts your website Google PageSpeed score. Integrated with the Google PSI tool, the software continuously runs tests and optimizes your website resources so that your visitors always get fast-loading pages. The company has already soft-launched in a closed testing phase and it has a few available integration connectors.


Industry: HR tech
Business Model: Marketplace

Description: Noble is a recruitment platform that leverages employer branding and the power of referral networks to make sourcing top talent possible in less than a week. It democratizes the referral process and rewards all participants in it, based on their contribution to a successful hire.


Industry: E-commerce
Business Model: SaaS

Description: SMSBump is a text marketing and automation app for eCommerce store owners to help them improve sales and lifetime customer value. Initially available for Shopify, it has recently added integration also with BigCommerce, OpenCart and WooCommerce. SMS is much more personal, so it offers a great open rate, something that email is lacking these days.

These are the eight teams of local heroes, joining #OneOf11.

For more news associated with our portfolio companies, new investments and exciting partnerships, follow our Facebook page.

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