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Eleven 2.0 – Helping Local Heroes Build Global Success

February 8, 2018

In the past 5 years, with our first Eleven fund we supported some astonishing entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders and strong personalities from the region, creating the #OneOf11 community. All of them having a similar goal – leaving a mark in the universe, their customers lives or the industry they’ve taken on.

We’ve made a lot of friends. Did a lot of things the right way and of course some mistakes along the way. The lessons we learned will make us better, stronger and more resourceful in our future work.

All of this up until today, when we have exciting news to share with you.

Yes, we know that it took us a while and yes, once we were sooo close that we even pre-announced it, but as a famous British statesman once said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

And now here we stand with all of our courage, launching Eleven 2.0. With passion to explore and further develop the innovation and technology potential of Southeast Europe.


We deeply believe that the day of tomorrow will be shaped not by someone else, but by Local Heroes – the unflinchingly positive, tireless, change driven entrepreneurs who stop at nothing in pursuing what they believe is the future. They may be starting from the local stage, but have a bold global vision, inspiring others along the way and causing creative disruption with their work.


Our job as the team behind Eleven 2.0 is to provide exceptional founders support and smart capital. We are mobilizing the necessary resources, know-how and infrastructure in order to help these Local Heroes, become a global success.


Today with the goal to support local heroes we announce Eleven 2.0 – the Founders Fund – a EUR 6 million entirely private investment fund created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

In the next 3 years we will invest in about 20 companies with pre-seed ticket sizes starting from EUR 100,000. The Fund shall have the ability to follow with up to EUR 200,000 more and secure full fledged seed rounds (EUR 500,000+) for its portfolio companies from amongst the Fund’s investors, featuring some of the most active angel and seed investors in the region.

Our aspiration is to bring smart money to the early stage companies, providing

  • Business knowledge and deep industry know-how brought by our mentors and investors
  • Global Network of partners, friends and like-minded business organizations
  • The #OneOf11 community – our biggest asset and backbone of Eleven. The family, you can always rely on, learn and get inspire by.
  • One Roof to unite us as a home and become our base camp on the way to the summit.
  • Follow-on funding opportunities with our fund investors, angel friends and partner VC’s

Learn more about how we work with founders.

Where do you fit in

If you see yourself as a Local Hero, passionate about the company you are building, get in touch with us.

If you are a mentor or investor and already work with exceptional Local Heroes, but they need extra smart fuel for growth, drop us a line here.

As an end of this blog post, but the beginning of an adventure

Big “Thank you!” to everyone in the #OneOf11 family, our friends, mentors, partners and people who trust us.

We believe that success is a result of a collaborative effort, where small steps add up along the way. The way being an exciting journey, knowing that each and every one of us has one single big responsibility – leave a better place for the ones in line.

Yours truly,

Dani, Ivo, Vasko, Peter, Zarko, Nikola

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