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Introducing Eleven Alpha

October 19, 2022

Back in 2012 Eleven started as an early-stage investor. 

We are the first institutional investor in Payhawk, Dronamics, SMSBump, Nitropack, Kanbanize, Econic, Enhancv to name a few.

The earliest stage of the company is where we add the most value to the founders. When things are unclear, when you have doubts, when very few will commit to your vision, when you see the initial spark in the eye of your first customers.

When all you’ve got is a scrappy alpha version of your product.

It takes a village to empower the builders of the future

We see two crucial elements in your journey as a founder running an early-stage tech company:

1. Getting closer to product-market fit, validating that you are on the right track and

2. Securing sufficient funding which will sustain the momentum.

Both elements of this journey take time and a lot of effort to get right.

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a startup. 

Here is your introduction to our village.

Today we launch Eleven Alpha

Alpha is an investment from Eleven combined with a three-month program geared towards outstanding entrepreneurs in the early days of their endeavors. The program serves as your entry to the world of Eleven. Together we work on your game plan. You get access to our company-building expertise, wide network and community of peers. 

Alpha is simple, yet rich. There are three important aspects to have in mind:

  • We promise 2 months from application to closing – we know how frustrating and lengthy fundraising can be. Eleven Alpha has a simple, fast and founder-friendly process from application to getting the money in your bank account. This means that you can focus on what is important to you – actually building your company.
  • Your bespoke game plan – over the years we have learned a thing or two on what makes a company thrive. In Alpha we have crafted 3 months, where together we will be building your game plan for the next stage. You will get personalized support from our platform team and access to all company-building know-how and resources of Eleven.
  • The “Unicorn” deal – as part of Alpha, Eleven makes a €300K investment in your company for 10% equity. The conditions are fixed and similar to our initial investment in Payhawk (our first unicorn). The term sheet is public – check it out.

Let’s do this!

We are excited to build the future together and we want to be your earliest partner in crime.

Learn more and apply to Eleven Alpha

Applications close on November 19.

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