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Our investment in Cupffee

May 23, 2023

Miroslav Zapryanov, founder and CEO of Cupffee. 


Published by Roberta Tihomirova and Ivaylo Simov.

For millions of us it is a daily ritual – sipping a cup of coffee on-the-go in the morning, enjoying a quick break during lunch, or even savoring a moment of relaxation while flying on a plane. However, the environmental impact of our coffee-drinking habits is leaving a bitter aftertaste. A staggering 16 billion plastic cups are consumed each year, contributing to colossal mountains of waste that burden our planet.

But this is where Cupffee comes along – an innovative solution to the disposable cup dilemma that not only addresses environmental concerns but also elevates the overall consumer experience to new heights. Cupffee aligns our love for coffee with our commitment to sustainability, allowing us to savor each sip guilt-free.

The global push to replace single-use plastics

has been gaining momentum, driven by increasing awareness of the environmental impact of such products, including ocean pollution and harm to wildlife. This has led to a surge of interest in sustainable alternatives, as well as government regulations and public pressure to find innovative solutions. Additionally, the growing popularity of coffee culture, with the number of on-the-go consumers increasing and the desire for convenience rising, creates an ideal market for Cupffee’s product. 

Disposable cups have a significant environmental impact,

contributing to landfill waste and often ending up as litter, causing harm to wildlife and ecosystems. Traditional alternatives like paper cups still have a plastic lining, making them less eco-friendly than they initially appear. Meanwhile, edible cups have been a tasty and environmentally friendly way to serve specific products such as ice-cream for a long time. However, serving hot drinks and coffee in such cups wasn’t possible because of leakage. Right now, there is a new push to find alternatives to serve drinks on the go without the use of traditional plastic, and edible cups, straws etc. are sought as an attractive option.

Cupffee’s edible coffee cups provide

a sustainable solution that not only reduces waste but also offers a novel and enjoyable experience for the consumer. With its unique leakproof and taste-neutral technology, Cupffee sets itself apart from other edible offerings on the market, addressing a pressing problem and meeting consumer demand for innovative, eco-friendly products. Its proprietary recipe consists of natural, non-GMO ingredients, while its unique technology ensures the cups do not leak or impact the taste of the drink. The cups remain crispy for 45 minutes and are leakproof for up to 12 hours, making them a viable alternative to traditional disposable cups.

At present, Cupffee caters to global clients spanning the EU, Middle East, USA, and Australia, collaborating with top coffee brands like Lavazza. This partnership has introduced the unique Cupffee experience to 18 countries and high-profile events such as Wimbledon, where Giuseppe Lavazza and Queen Elizabeth savored their coffee in eco-friendly edible cups. Cupffee was also served onboard the first-ever plastic-free flight. As a next step, the company plans to expand its product range to include edible stirrers, ice cream sticks, and breakfast cups with cereal, among others.

Miroslav Zapryanov, founder and CEO of Cupffee,

started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. He came up with the idea of the edible cup in his early school years, being shocked by the sheer number of plastic cups used daily for hot beverages that end up as waste. In 2004, he baked his first waffle cup using his oven at home. The idea stayed with him, and years later, convinced of the great potential, Miroslav founded Cupffee. 

For Miroslav, Cupffee is more than just a clever business idea. Right from the start he was determined to make a difference by reducing waste and at the same time providing an enjoyable solution for coffee lovers around the world. The idea quickly attracted like-minded talent and partners that helped develop the company quickly. His dedication and vision have positioned Cupffee as a promising player in the eco-friendly, single-use alternatives market, poised for growth and continued innovation.

Want to to give Cupffee a try? Head to its website –

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