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Our investment in Frisbo

December 11, 2021

Bogdan Colceriu, founder of Frisbo.


Published by Valeri Petrov, Partner at Eleven.

The pandemic further accelerated the shift in our buying choices away from traditional brick-and-mortar stores and toward online retailers that provide safe and quick delivery options. The already “struggling to meet the demand” logistics industry got a further push by the booming ecommerce sector. This led to a growing need for efficient warehouse management systems and urged companies in the smart logistics market to build cost-effective, reliable, and efficient logistics solutions. 

Are you still waiting for your Black Friday package to arrive? Ecommerce fulfillment is one of the most crucial components for the success of online retailers and when done right, it can create a remarkable brand experience. 

Here is where the newest Ecomtech portfolio company comes along – meet the Romanian Frisbo. 

Frisbo connects local fulfillers 

into one international fulfillment network and offers Plug & Play fulfillment as a service for every online shop. It takes over the storage, processing, and delivery of orders for ecommerce stores and  provides warehousing, where the inventory is safely received and stored, “pick & pack” whenever an item is being sold, as well as next-day delivery across countries at the cost of a local shipment.

The founders behind the company

experienced first hand the pains of maintaining stock and shipping from international locations, and  discovered that logistics is a major but definitely not an easy part of running an ecommerce business.

After Bogdan, the CEO of Frisbo, built and sold the largest Romanian video sharing website Trilulilu, he and Laura, co-founder and Fulfillment Director with 15+ years in ecommerce operations and logistics, met in the largest Romanian online bookstore Okian. Both of them had key roles in the launch of the company and this is where they decided to embark on a journey to change ecommerce logistics and help businesses like Okian.

Soon after, Vlad, who is also Bogdan’s longtime friend, joined as a co-founder and COO with more than 10 years experience in project management and operations in the delivery of IT infrastructure systems.

Scaling an ecommerce business

in international markets is hard. Scaling the ecommerce logistics (e-fulfillment) in international markets is even harder. Although EU countries are part of a single market, there is still large fragmentation when it comes to cross-border ecommerce. 

90% of all online sellers in Europe don’t sell beyond their home country’s border. The reasons?

  • It is too expensive – the cost for next day international shipping can reach 10 times the cost of a domestic delivery;
  • Cannot deliver the next day – the few store owners that do cross-border sales use slower shipping methods in the range of 3-10 days, which again cost more than domestic services;
  • No local return address – which impacts how consumers feel about making an online purchase.

As a result, small and medium ecommerce retailers are now looking to outsource their fulfillment to third parties that can give them greater international coverage in multiple geographies. And this is where Frisbo comes along. It solves the problem of the fragmented fulfillment market and the need for shop owners to maintain relationships with multiple local providers.

Frisbo unites in one place the storage, fulfillment, and packaging services

of over 20 warehouses across Eastern and Western Europe. Its network currently includes logistic centres in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Chile, serving more than 200 online retailers and integrating with the all major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces in the region, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Мagento, eMAG and Allegro. 

By providing online merchants with an integrated network of warehouses, Frisbo solves the problem of scaling online stores in the region, making neighbouring and remote markets easily accessible. 

Are you curious to learn more about Frisbo? Check out their website and explore the world of e-fulfillment scaling – 

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