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Our investment in Rush

April 19, 2022

From left to right – Stanislav Stankov and Kiril Kirilov, founders of Rush.


Published by Vassil Terziev, Nikola Yanev, and Roberta Tihomirova.

From sprinting, to ecommerce, to entrepreneurship – Kiril, co-founder and CEO of Rush, is a self-trained athlete who started running at the age of 22 and became sprint race champion of Bulgaria by the age of 25. A knee surgery was the turning point in his life, which put an end to his career as an athlete but opened the doors for new opportunities. Ebay and Amazon were just gaining momentum so he started a ecommerce business and in two years got to $450k monthly revenue. The rapid growth, however, led to a mountain of issues related to shipping delays and customer miscommunication. And this is when he realized that clicking the “Order” button isn’t the end of the customer’s journey. Rather, it’s the beginning of a relationship. 

Focusing on the post-purchase experience is the next frontier for online retailers. This is where Rush steps in. 

Rush leverages the power of shipment notifications

to boost the customer lifetime value, generate more revenue for the merchants, drive repeat sales and increase retention. The shipment tracking software improves post-purchase experience and brings upsells for store owners by using a personalized tracking page, email and SMS notification to update users on their parcel status and to show them relevant offers. The app is used by over 600 merchants on Shopify, with support for other ecommerce platforms on the roadmap.

Ecommerce is at an all-time high

after lockdowns, travel bans, and stores’ closures forced the consumer online, the world’s largest retailers soon followed. As internet retail is booming, so are the technologies that support the launch and maintenance of online stores.

The leading software platform Shopify serves over 1.7 million merchants and the typical Shopify store uses 6 third-party plugins on average. And although Shopify is dwarfed by the market share of Amazon, its open ecosystem and ease of use has made it a favorite launchpad for new merchants and new ecomtech solutions alike (there are over 7000 plugins on the Shopify App Store). Many software companies that start out building for the Shopify stack end up growing big across multiple platforms, examples are unicorns such as Klaviyo and Yotpo.

Customers make on average 2.7 visits to the shipment tracking page

after placing an order in an ecommerce store. If store owners don’t take care of this user experience or leave it to the shipping provider, they are losing potential repeat buyers and money. Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers and businesses say that over 50% of their revenue comes from repeat buyers. 

The post-purchase experience is now turning into a new marketing channel, where shop owners have to compete and acknowledge the benefits of selling to repeat customers compared to fighting for new ones. Notifications via email and SMS, personalized content and targeted upsell opportunities are aspects that are driving the lifetime value of ecommerce customers.

Rush is a shipment tracking software

for ecommerce, which enables online retailers to keep their customers up-to-date on the status of their package through a tracking page, as well as email and SMS. It facilitates upsells and gives a timely warning to the retailer, in case there’s some problem with the customer’s shipment. 

Sending proactive delivery notifications at each touchpoint from the moment of the “purchase” to the “unboxing” results in:

  • increasing the customer satisfaction and retention;
  • increasing immediate repeat purchases and bringing more sales to the merchant;
  • reducing the risk of chargebacks, complaints, and disputes with payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, Square etc.;
  • reducing the support tickets related to shipping.

Right now, Rush is available for the Shopify platform and supports over 650 of the most popular shipping providers worldwide. The development roadmap includes WooCommerce and also a stand-alone product targeted at custom platforms. When it comes to integrations, it has such with popular ecommerce tools such as Klaviyo, Yotpo, Stamped, Okendo, OmniSend, Slack etc.

Rush was founded in 2020 by

Kiril Kirilov and Stanislav Stankov – two founders with extensive experience in ecommerce and the development of solutions for that industry. They have been friends for years (thanks to their wives’ high school friendship), so joining forces on this project was a natural decision for both of them.

Kiril, co-founder and CEO, has spent several years in ecommerce, working in the dropshipping space. Eventually he developed one of the fastest growing DTC brands for food supplements in Bulgaria, Proof Nutrition. Stanislav, co-founder and CPO, has spent 8 years as product owner and project manager in companies including Upwork, where he was leading a team of 20+ developers.

Are you curious to test Rush on your ecommerce store with a free trial or maybe just curious about their product? Check out their website –

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