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The telehealth company Healee joins #OneOf11

June 3, 2020

HealthTech is among our four main priority verticals as an investor. It has the power to preserve, transform and improve lives. More than ever it requires innovation, new approaches and bold entrepreneurs to tackle pressing challenges.

We are very happy to announce that some of these visionary entrepreneurs pushing HealthTech forward are the founders of Healee, our newest investment together with HR Capital.

Healee is a telehealth platform that benefits doctors and patients through convenient and accessible virtual contact.

With Healee, patients can find the right doctor

and get medical advice anywhere, anytime. They help patients skip the waiting room and speak with top doctors wherever they are.

What’s more, the platform lets patients securely track their health – store and manage symptoms and conditions, log treatments, set medication schedules and reminders, check drug and allergy interactions, upload lab results and images.

Doctors, on the other hand,

can deliver better, more comprehensive care, achieve higher patient satisfaction and retention, improve outcomes, optimize workload, while gaining new patients and earning more.

Healee helps doctors build a virtual practice and start seeing patients online quickly and easily, offering all the tools doctors need to address the specific requirements of the different medical specialities and handle any scenario.

The founding team

of the company includes one of the co-founders of Telerik, a leading provider of software development tools, acquired by US-based Progress in 2014, top software engineers and designers from Telerik and one of the co-founders of Medicloud, a dental software provider, launched in 2012 and bought by Curaden AG, Switzerland’s top oral health provider.

Our investment and the road ahead

“We are super excited to welcome Eleven and HR Capital as investors in our next stage of growth, as we further widen Healee’s reach and help more and more doctors and patients in these challenging times,” Josif Dishliev, Co-founder of Healee remarks. When we were considering various funding options, we wanted to have not merely access to capital, but also find like-minded partners with the right mindset, expertise and exposure to support us in pursuing our vision.

And continues about our investment in Healee: “The investment will help us solidify our leading position as Bulgaria’s largest telehealth and doctor appointment booking platform, and fuel the expansion we have already launched, to a number of new markets, including the United States, the UK, Australia.”

On the investment Valeri Petrov, Venture Partner at Eleven, comments: “We are very excited to invest in Healee, one of the pioneers in the rapidly growing Telemedicine category in the entire region of SEE. We see the company as a market opportunity with massive potential being among the first movers in the region, in an industry ripe for disruption. We strongly believe in the future of the entire HealthTech sector, which is among Eleven’s major focus verticals for the following years.

Healee was founded and is led by one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in this part of the world and is backed by a number of reputable investors. We will be happy to further support the team in their efforts to establish the company as a true market leader and industry standards setter in this part of the world.

We did believe the telemedicine/telehealth was eventually becoming the “new normal” but with the recent pandemic, it became obvious for all, so Healee will undoubtedly have a lot of room to grow in the years to come. In this respect, we trust the current investment round will provide the management with the necessary tools to further boost the business and its expansion into new services and markets.

To learn more about Healee visit their website –

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