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Welcome Payhawk and Rebellious Software to #OneOf11

February 19, 2019

From left to right – Boyko Karadzhov and Hristo Borisov, Co-founders of Payhawk. To the right – Pavel Kolev, Co-founder of Rebellious Software.


At the end of 2018, we announced the first investments of our second fund. Eight companies, coming from different fields and disrupting various industries. 

Today we are thrilled to announce that two more companies are joining the #OneOf11 family – fintech startup Payhawk and the indie game development company Rebellious Software.

Both companies perfectly illustrate the most important aspect which we look for in our investments – an experienced and highly skilled team with market expertise and entrepreneurial spirit.

Payhawk is a payment solution which helps small businesses deal with expenses. Payhawk issues company cards, which collect and read data from receipts and invoices in real-time so that employees don’t have to deal with expense reports.

Hristo Borisov, co-founder of Payhawk remarked: “We constantly talk to founders and managers of growing companies that manage large budgets. But when travelling, they have to use their personal cards, and then fill out lengthy expense reports and wait for reimbursements. Our product helps small businesses operate efficiently.”

Our investment is part of Payhawk’s €500,000 round comprised of fintech experts and industry angels some of them including Perry Blacher, Fintech advisor to Google, and Senior Digital Advisor to Barclays UK and Mark RansfordInvestor and advisor to high-growth startups in the fintech sector.

On the investment, our partner, Daniel Tomov, comments: “Building a fintech product requires expertise and knowledge in technology, finance and law to compete in a heavily regulated and competitive market. The presence of so many well-respected investors in this round speaks to the quality and potential of”

This investment is also a result of Eleven’s current focus on the Fintech vertical. At the end of last year, we announced the start of a very exciting partnership with Visa, which is about to unfold, with the purpose of supercharging startups who enhance the traditional financial services.

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For the full story of raising their new round and latest developments, read the article on Trending Topics.

Rebellious Software

Rebellious is an Indie Game Development company which creates competitive multiplayer games that oppose players based on their real-life interests. The company first main title is World of Myths – a Collectible Card Game that changes the traditional battles in the genre by giving more control to the players.

Pavel Kolev, co-founder of Rebellious shared with us: There is a current gap in our selected market and the investment will help us deliver a strong offer for that gap before anyone else does. We lacked the manpower to execute our ideas, but now we can grow our team and start cooperating with external companies, which will boost the quality of our product.

On the investment, our partner, Ivaylo Simov, remarks: “Rebellious Software is yet another example of a co-investment of the Founders Fund alongside three of the investors in the fund. Having also Rebellious at Campus X helped us get to know the great team, their commitment, perseverance and fast progress. We came to appreciate their deep understanding of the gaming sub-sector they are targeting and ultimately convinced us to back a project, we would otherwise shy away from, given our B2B focus. We are not likely to invest in any other gaming projects from the Founders Fund, but we do believe this team has all the right prerequisites and attitude to realize a true hit. 

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