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What excites us

The intersection of finance and technology is generating new ways to move value globally, significantly enhancing our daily lives and business operations. The current state of the financial world is drastically different from just a few years ago, with fintech evolving rapidly, driving innovation and enabling growth in various industries. Fintech serves both as an enabler and an enhancer, accelerating progress with unprecedented speed, sophistication, and creativity.

Where we focus

Nowadays, commerce, the personal and business finance management, and even industries such as sports, travel, beauty or entertainment are benefitting from the vast development of fintech infrastructure. The cutting-edge underlying technology, which allows seamless and fast embedding, is constantly transforming the finance layer into a touchless and invisible one. At the same time its interoperability creates industry convergence and better user journeys, resulting in improved lives.

We firmly believe that fintech should integrate seamlessly into daily activities. Whether it's a freelancer receiving wages directly in their design software, barber shops securing loans through a single click in their CRMs, or insurance products integrated into your shopping app, the possibilities are endless.
Core fintech infrastructureEncompassing new payment methods, improved finance management models, innovative savings and financing solutions, as well as regtech and security products and services.
Intersection of fintech and other industriesCreating new or redefining existing customer journeys via embedded finance – impacting the future of how we live, eat, work and play in the digital era.
Focus Areas:

Payments and Commerce Investments and Wealth management

Savings, Lending and Microfinancing Insurance RegTech Solutions Data

Payments and Commerce
Investments and Wealth management
Savings, Lending and Microfinancing Insurance RegTech Solutions Data

Our fintech team

We are a small, but a close-knit and diverse team of professionals and entrepreneurs.
Daniel Tomov
Managing Partner
Veselina Markova
Investment Principal
Todor Nikolov
Visa Lead
Stoil Vasilev
Venture Partner

Our Fintech Corporate Innovation Program

Power the digital economy through fintech solutions

Visa and Eleven are teaming up to nourish the development and unlock the potential of fintech startup talent in transforming the way how we pay and get paid.

Our Network

Hewlett Packard

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