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Future of Work

What excites us

In the not-so-distant future people will get superpowers at work thanks to the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence. Software will be born with an 'AI-first’ design, primed to serve an increasingly global and dispersed talent pool. Picture a surge of digital-agents offering patient, tireless assistance in almost everything we do, and tailored to every industry. Democratizing AI to gig workers and corporations alike to simultaneously enhance vital roles and usher in new possibilities for innovation.

Amidst this complex tech era, our path forward lies in intuitive, user-friendly software built and fine-tuned on industry-specific datasets aimed at minimizing effort, fueling productivity, and bringing immediately-realizable value to solve concrete business problems.

Where we focus

With about 25% of skills evolving from 2015 to 2023, it's clear that AI isn't just an option; it's a necessity for staying ahead. In this transformative landscape, our fund is particularly interested in startups that are pioneering not just incremental, but dramatic improvements through AI. While AI is a common thread, we are on the lookout for ventures that:
Have Advanced ReasoningDifferent AI systems showcasing varied levels of reasoning, analogous to the human division of left and right brain, to tackle complex, multi-dimensional problems..

Redefine UX and UI Beyond just the superficial layer of chatbot interfaces, focusing on deeper, under-the-hood AI work that enhances the overall user experience through multiple modalities.

Challenge the NormBuild “work-life” changing solutions that are grounded in real-world application, underscoring why a one-size-fits-all approach like a standard chatbot, such as GPT, doesn’t solve every challenge.

Our Network

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Our future of work team

We are a small, but a close-knit and diverse team of professionals and entrepreneurs.
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